Soccer Mom’s Midlife Crisis

Soccer Mom’s Midlife Crisis The GMC Yukon she had before this probably had a bumper sticker that said, “My child is an honor student.”

Ultimate “Karen” Car

Ultimate “Karen” Car Ugly Murano Cabriolet covered in ugly copper glitter paint with ugly chrome rims as the finishing touch.

Lemon Lime Civic

Lemon Lime Civic If you’re going to order a custom color, why would this be the color you choose!?

Leopard Prius

Leopard Prius Just when you thought a Prius couldn’t get any uglier… Previous Next

Metallic Blue??

Metallic Blue?? A rolling ad for a service you couldn’t pay me to accept. Previous Next

Camo Corvette

Camo Corvette Not sure what would inspire anyone to ruin a perfectly good Corvette this way. Previous Next

Zebra Truck

Zebra Truck A zebra-striped ugly truck. Just what I always wanted.